I’m Ready to Learn the TPRS Method! Plank 2

Plank 2


Plank 2: Understand the basics.  TPRS follows 3 steps and requires about 5 simple foundational skills to make a class successful.  You will learn about them in Plank 3. Here you can read or watch a short general description of TPRS from any one of several experienced TPRS teachers.  Pick a link or two from the list below and develop your own “elevator” explanation of TPRS.

Two birds with one stone - you can read about or watch an explanation of the basics of TPRS, and at the same time be introduced to some helpful websites:

Blaine Ray - Ray is the originator of TPRS.  Here is his short written explanation. (There is also a cartoon intro to his website on his Home page.) 2 pages.



Terry Waltz - Terry has been teaching with TPRS for about 14 years.  Her specialty is Chinese.  In this video she gives a short explanation of TPRS. 27 minutes.



Ben Slavic - Ben’s short intro to TPRS includes a quote from Plato’s Republic. 1 page.



Carol Gaab - Carol Gaab explains TPRS in an article for Language Magazine.  She goes into the research, includes illustrations of the techniques, and has a list of references. About 5 pages.



Susan Gross - The first is a 2-page article in flyer form, with references, explaining why brain-based research supports TPRS.  The second is a TPRS ‘cheat sheet’ listing the 3 steps, that a teacher could keep at his or her desk.




Crystal Barragán - This is a teacher’s straightforward explanation of TPRS to her parents and students, in FAQ format. 2 pages.



Karen Rowan - This is a description of TPRS at the Fluency Fast website, with some good quotes and links. 2-3 pages.