Best Finds: Helpful, Practical Tools and Materials from Favorite TPRS Websites

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Looking for songs, posters, projects, authentic resources, etc.?  START HERE!

This short list of links is a miscellaneous gathering of some of the most helpful and practical tools and materials I’ve stumbled upon during the hours spent wading through all the TPRS/CI info on the net. 

You can click on each item directly, or follow my navigation instructions for a more organic introduction to each website. 

Scroll down to bottom of Home page, click on 'Free Downloads',  click on 'Teaching Tools': 

    - Question Words Posters in Spanish, French, German, Mandarin and Philippine.  These  are the colorful, clear ones with pictures seen in several youtube videos!

Under Free Stuff:

    - Special Person Interviews (used in TPRS to help build a story around a student),  in 10  Languages, including Japanese        

    - book reviews for books every language teacher should read

    - short summaries of the leveled novels, to help you pick one for your class

    - Darmok - Do this activity sheet while watching 'Darmok', an episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation , and learn more about language!

    - Songs Every Spanish Student Needs to Know, with youtube links for each song.  These are the traditional ones, like “Los Pollitos”. This page and "Darmok" are both way down at the bottom of Bryce's Free Stuff page, under the heading “Helpful and Fun Materials”

On the right, under Categories:

    - Felipe Alou, several activities for the book, but the GOLDEN one is, under “Unit Hook”, making a cardboard glove activity (which is what kids do in the Dominican Republic and Panama!)

    - Reader’s Theatre

    - under VIDEOS, find some good youtube links (Rodolfo, Reyes Magos) for Navidad

    - Games, check out "Top 5 Activities" (includes song packets for Spanish 1-4) and "Freeze Frame"

    - activities for the books Bianca Nieves (bull fighting) and Salvatrucha (civil war in El Salvador) also have great links

On the top, Music Resources: 

    - about 40 popular Spanish songs with activities and powerpoint about the artists.  (Also look under Games for the song activity sheets.)  

Under Free: 

    - a Chart on Bloom’s Taxonomy and Foreign Language

    - Common Core standards fulfilled in a TPRS class

    - some free Latin TPRS stories (gotta catch ‘em where you can!)

Under Categories:

    -click Grammar, and get a good mnemonic for Pop-UP grammar - “SWIFTLY”.  Then for really nice, kind of heartwarming read, scroll down to the next blog, "Starting Over". 

Under Categories:

    - global projects, including a class cookie sale to benefit Guatemala and El Salvador

    - examples of Skype use in the classroom

In Blog:

    -“It’s Getting Dark – a spooky rhyme for this here time.” This is a post about how to  teach  Se Hace de Noche, by Luis Pescetti. Any level Spanish. Pescetti's songs are great!.  Also see Pescetti’s “Verde,verde” on youtube.

In Products:

    - Rejoinder Posters - These are a bit pricey, but a great idea.  Also, Level 1 Rejoinders are in French, Spanish, German, and Mandarin.

    This is a good place to start finding resources for teaching Latin, and even Greek with TPRS/CI.

   Another great collection of TPRS/CI Resources for Latin teachers.

Under tags:

    Click on”Authentic Materials” to get good youtubes on current events etc. to go along with some of her Spanish 3 novels. Like Noche de Oro.

    - a blog titled “Does it matter who is right or is it about finding your niche?” Views on TPRS vs grammar instruction from a Spanish (high school TPRS) student now in college Spanish.

    - Activities with Authentic Resources

    - Also site search “Agua for Ecuador” to read about a great service project idea.

Srta. Johnson teaches all levels of Spanish in Nebraska and has a very clear and to-the-point blog.  So far, I have found these very helpful items:

   - a 12-minute youtube demonstration of PQA, with copies of student summaries and a link to a blank copy of her PQA 'quiz' 

   - a description of Day 1, various levels, with a link to a good teaching song by Sie7e, and photos of her word walls!

    - a blog with links to her favorite internet resources, including one called VideoEle which I really like!